Leggings aren’t just for girls

These days this title definitely rings true, especially for toddlers. Little boys everywhere are running around in leggings and why not I say, they are comfy, cosy and warm all at once and fabric choices are only limited by your imagination if you feel the urge to whip a few pairs up – which I think you should! They are dead easy and super quick and really only require basic sewing skills. Like seriously how cute are they?


Leggings blue  Leggings orange

This isn’t a tutorial because why invent the wheel just google “toddler leggings tutorial” and there is an abundance of options for you to choose from. That been said I will give you are couple of pointers about what I did.

  • First up I made my pattern by tracing a pair of leggings I borrowed from Master B’s closet (which most tutorials will show you). I made the front crotch shorter and lower (just like most pants patterns) giving them a distinctive front and back as opposed to making the front and back the same. I tend to find this leads to a better overall fit.
  • I had just one pattern piece eliminating the side seams.
  • I detest hemming knits. I can do it and usually with pretty good results but if I can avoid it I will and so for both pairs I used t-shirts I scored on clearance for like $1 each. By using the existing hem there was only 2 seams to sew and the casing! Wohoooooo!
  • I used 1/2” elastic for the waistband if people were curious.
  • I used a double needle to sew the casing down so it has a bit of give though a small zig zag works just as well (In fact you can’t see it in these pics but the back of the orange pair are sewn exactly like that after I cracked it with the double needle lol shhhhhh no one will notice)

So why make your own when they are pretty darn cheap? For me the reason is 3 fold – 1) I love making stuff, 2) Store bought are so same same, time to live out the individuality dream (or something crazy like that lol) and 3) Custom fit. This last one is the big one for Master B with his teeny 000 waist! By sewing him some up they fit both in the leg and the waist!

I think he looks pretty spunky and definitely cozy though next time I think Aunty Nomi will change his socks and make more of an effort to tuck in his singlet bahahaha!

Legging blue on  Leggings orange on

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